Monday, November 2, 2015

 Personal Inventory . . . 5 Powerful Steps
Personal Inventory the Most Important Step

You’ve decided you’d like to change some things in your life. 

You may have already started making changes. Or at least you’re thinking life would be better if you changed a few things about yourself.

We’re not talking about buying a new refrigerator.  We’re talking major inside of you spiritual changes.

Think of a personal inventory as clearing the lot. Let’s say you bought a lot on which to build your new custom dream home and the lot was full of brushes, brambles, rocks and trees. You’d have to clear it before you could build, right?

 Experts agree without clearing out your mental junk, taking a thorough personal inventory; there is little room for the new you. Thru the years you’ve built up anger, resentments, guilt, misgivings, misguided blame for your life.  

Before you can expect changes to occur, you’ll have to clean up the wreckage of your past.

1. You do that with a thorough  personal inventory. Let’s get started. 

Make a list of everyone you know. Past, present, dead or alive. Make a 4-column list:

Column one: List all the people you know; live and dead Column two list your misconduct, act, or deed that may have harmed them, don’t start justifying, this is your inventory. 

Column three lists the amends you owe Column four checked off when you make the amends.

2. I done somebody wrong list.  In column two: List every wrong, no matter how small. This is your lot you’re clearing, don’t leave tree stumps. You have to remove them.

3. Third column: What amends are your going to make?

If the person is living, you need meet face to face, if that’s not possible then a  phone call, If that’s not possible then a letter. No emails. Real hand written letters.

If the person is dead write a letter and mail it. It will go to a dead letter office.

You do not need to elaborate, justify or ramble. Just apologize for whatever the wrong was.

If it was monetary, pay back the money, if it was personal, apologize. 

You are making a life skills assessment as well. You have qualities you will want to grow and traits you’ll want to change and/or get rid of.

Do this much and we'll give you part two in the next post.

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The only amend you never make is one that would harm someone who knows nothing of your transgression. Such as an affair, You do not apologize to the spouse.