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Finish up your Inventory and start building a new life

4. Make every amend.

Column four: List the completed amends. A lot of us have a couple of amends we’re afraid to make, and they seem insurmountable, impossible. Everyone but that one you’re willing to do. That’s the very one that keeps you from moving forward with your life blueprint.

Think of it as the biggest rock on the lot and it sits where you want your living room. It has to go. Make the amends, blast it out of there and you’re free to start living life.

When your lot is clear. You can start making changes. You can start building your mansion. You have cleaned up the wreckage of your past. It’s okay to feel really good about your self.

Self analysis is essential. You either go backward or stand still without Analysis. Analyze and move forward even if the pace is slow.

5. Six fears - Obstacles that get in the way of living life fully

Fear of what others think
Fear of losing a relationship
Fear of appearing foolish
Fear of failure
Fear of success

Your completed personal inventory will rid your mind of most of these. Then concentrate on your basic needs:

Food & water Shelter Clothing Of course you want some fluff.  It’s your blueprint put in everything you want and then don’t be lazy about working on it. You get out of life exactly what you put into it.

How are you doing? Look at the blueprint and check your progress. Do you need any corrections or changes?

How are your habits for budgeting time and money? Any conduct that your inner self disapproves of?

Are you giving more and better service? Have you made one person smile today?

You have the freedom to think what you want; make it count. Thoughts are things.

Summary Ask yourself:

  • Have you attained the goal? 
  • Have you  listed every person and made every amends?  Have you made an honest amend?
  • Have you gotten rid of one resentment a day? Remember the resentment shredder.
  • Has your spirit been in harmony with the task of cleaning up your past? 
  • Is there anyone left you blame?
  • Do you see self improvement, are you a nicer person? Are you enjoying life?
  • Are you able to enjoy being with myself and be okay?
  • Are you willing to correct when you’re wrong and promptly admit it?

Take responsibility for your choices and actions. What choices propel you toward a finished blueprint?
Keep your life simple. No more shoulda, woulda, coulda. You are the  architect. Build your life.

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